no regrets

19 and lost
Desert Sessions

—Monster in the Parasol


Monster in the Parasol by Desert Sessions

I fucking love the Desert Sessions. I really wish Josh would head back out the the desert and record one every year. More than I’d want a new Queens of the Stone Age album.

Story about this song - When I got a filling last month I was listening to my all Josh Homme playlist (QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal, Desert Sessions, Them Crooked Vultures, anything he’s worked on) and this long made me lose my shit when I was doped up on the laughing gas. Every time the “haiiiiiiiiir” part came on I lost it.

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Queens of the Stone Age

—Gonna Leave You (en español)


Queens of the Stone Age
Gonna Leave You
(en español, sung by Nick Oliveri)
B-Sides, One-Offs and Other Rarities

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